How to real time update the chart2D?


I am using MIT app inventor to plot the data received from BLE. I have already completed it.

Now I want to update the chart when it reach the maximum x value.
For example: I set the range x = 0 to 100. When x reach to 100, I want to remove the 1st x and add the 100th x. So it looks like a streaming data.

Please suggest me.
Thanks so much.
Android10BLETest_copy4.aia (294.4 KB)

Next time pleas try to search the community first.
check here:

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Tks so much Kevin.

Actually I refer your post before posting this.

I jut realize that because I use chart.setdomain to set specific x-axis range so I don't see the update off chart.

Now the problem is solved.

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