How to make folder in internal storage

i was using "componentTolmage extension" (

and i tried to create files into some directory
so i set save dir name to form [/myfolder/SS_] [filename] [.png]
i also could read it with [internal_storage_path/myfolder/SS_filename.png]

but if i dont have folder named "myfolder" in most upper of internal storage, it occured error "cant find" bcz it doesnt create any folder -> cant create&read files.
ofc if i create the folder, it worked easly.

whatever i want to create a folder in internal storage, not app's private folder automatic
cant i control internal directory with just writing path??

I think you should save the image in this format [location] [/folderToCreate/] [fileName] [.png]

Use the file extension from puravida
Download link: Click here

i am not the best at making apps, if this doesn't work, take help from others!

EDIT: I see you already got help!!

How to create a directory without using an extension

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

It is no longer possible to create a folder (or save a file) in the external storage on devices with API > 28 using the Canvas component.

thank you, I forgot about that... :wink:
yes, it is recommended to use the application specific directory now...

lol bye bye :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

the extension

is basically using internal space as i know
(idk absolute path name, but)he explain " /storage/emulated/0/ " is default path,
i was using save as [/myfolder/sortname] + [nameform] then it created(can read also) files in 'myfolder' in root(?) of internal storage(my phone is Android9) = result : /storage/emulated/0/SV_scr/SV_bla.png

but if the folder is not exist, it occured error.

then must i use "storage management app" to create a folder?
ppl saying "no more permission to external" and i got it but nobody saying about internal... is it same problem??

ps/ why some apps(AI2) create /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/packageName/files but some others not????? what is defference???

as it seems to be, first you have to create that directory ...

Android devices running on Android 10 or more are not able to create a directory in the internal (emulated) sdcard anymore... and for the external (removable) sdcard there are even much more restrictions... apps should use the application specific directory, which is
the file extension offers methods for this App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


i need func of "providing exact path" :stuck_out_tongue: or create folder into internal
bcz user is not specified whether using sdcard ot not :lying_face: but thank you :slight_smile:

well, totally, this is really weird situation

  1. the Tolmage extension(screen shot extension) point internal
  2. app path(about Android/data/packagename/files) is in external
  3. but Tolmage extension's default path is /storage/emulated/0/
  4. and if i point to /storage/emulated/0/ for path, it pointing internal.
  5. but if i check the path of external stuff, it saying /storage/emulated/0/ (as i know, this path is for sdcard)
  6. whatever, if i pointing /storage/emulated/0/ path with Tolmage, it create and read files to internal path.
  7. even another app i made create app path to internal. only this app create to external. my phone is android9. (user is not specified ofc)

??????? :dizzy_face:

Create a folder in the external storage β†’ FileTools extension from @vknow360 :



This will stop working if AI2 targets API 30 (likely towards the end of 2021). Then you can only read / write to / from the ASD (app-specific directory).


That's all you need:


... or this:

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i found very many file manange extensions but there were no for "create directory" (or only for external)

problem solved!
i am c++ developer but android lol so i was finding for "return path of having permission itself" function

Thank you very much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
have a nice day!!

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