How to deal with thousands of blocks?

How do you work on an application that has 6,000 blocks? I am making an application that already has 9,000 blocks and the inventor screen is terribly slow.

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We should start a high score list for the most blocks.
This would be at the top.

If you post your .aia export (if it will fit)
we can advise how to structure your next attempt.

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One strategy is to keep your blocks collapsed. We have optimizations in place that will reduce the drawing time of the workspace for collapsed blocks. Expand the blocks you need to work on and then collapse them again. Also, if your computer supports multitouch gestures, then you should be able to use a pan gesture (two fingers on touchpad) to move around the workspace faster than dragging to move the workspace. I’ve also found that Firefox has been giving better performance in the blocks editor compared to Chrome, so you may want to try switching your browser to see if one works better than another as the drawing performance is partly tied to the browser technology.

For more information on performance in App Inventor, here’s a talk I gave at the Blockly Summit earlier in October 2019 about performance challenges in the blocks editor.