How to creat horizontal list view?

I am using deep host custom list view extension to created horizontal list view but I am facing this problem. Need help how to fix this.


Deephost is not supporting his extensions so the best advise would be not the use them.

Maybe using this extension can do the same?

I saw many AIA examples in kodular community and they contain card view components but in app inventor there is no card view component. Any other suggestion in which card view is not involved.

See also here:

You can do this without extensions too.

Intrigued, I did some work with the extension from @yusufcihan, Dynamic Components, and came up with the following two aia demo projects:

Horizontal Scrolling Listview:


HorizontalDynamicCards.aia (240.5 KB)

Vertical Scrolling Listview:


VerticalDynamicCards.aia (240.4 KB)

Takes a bit of time and thought to set it up, but once done, it is simply a matter of generating the list of images and text requested into a list. I didn't go in for creating the Schema files....

Credits to Mayuur Berad over on Kodular for their fine examples on how to use the extension, and of course to @yusufcihan for the fine and clever extension ( I especially liked the ability to just type component names, and to be able to change designer only properties).

The main blocks for the horizontal scroller, should be draggable
(once loaded in blocks editor, double click to expand).

blocks (22)

and for the vertical scroller:

blocks (23)


Does it work with app inventor because there is no card view component.

Thanks for Appreciation @TIMAI2 , I am glad that my guide also helped the AI2 users.

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Yes, no cardview used, and examples created in AI2. I simulated a card view with an "outer" arrangement with a light grey background, and an "inner" arrangement in white, which contained the image and button.

With more extensions, you should be able to created rounded corners or circular images, and use a gradient image for the background in the "outer" arrangement.

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