How much data can a TinyDB store on a device?

Sir how much data with tiny db like each day saving 10 to 15 dataset then how much can we save and for how many days

You do not have a data storage issue, you have a process workflow, app layout issue

Sir i downloaded the aia and saved it as a app but i cant understand what is the app for , after some time it shows an error here is the Screen recording

Can you please tell it in a understandable way i cant understand as i am just studying 8th

sir an last question ,can i save This data (i mean the save value part) with different tags for 40 to 50 times(for 50 data 50 tags) with tiny db in one namespase can you please say yes or no only(because i cant understand the links you give as i am studying just 8th). Because I have an idea of changing the namespase each day and saving that day's data in that day's namespase and creating a new namespase for the another day.ONLY YES OR NO SIR PLEASE!!!!

Yes, that should work.

Sir in this the "text box one .text" is the date , the "spiner 1 . selection" is an name and all the other tboxes are numbers

Sir can we save 40 to 50 datas like that in 1 namespasesir

I advise renaming textbox1 in the Designer to mention that it has the date, to avoid confusion.
Likewise for the other significant labels and textboxes.

The format yyyymmdd is a good format for a namespace value. Avoid '/' inside the name, because this will be part of an XML filename behind the scenes.

Sir for date i use this format "date as number" "name of the month" an "," and the year. is this format can be used sir

Some formats are good for display to humans on the screen.
Other formats are good for data storage, for example for sorting.
No one is forcing you to use the same format for both.

Sir so finaly what format do you prefer sir

The yyyymmdd format or the format i told . Which will not return a error

yyyymmdd will not return any error in NameSpaces.

Ok sir i will use that format for the namespace

The yyyymmdd format

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Thanks a lot for the help sir

Sir atlast one question sir can it really save that much data sir . I am really scared that it will return an error for saving more data. Please confirm me sir :flushed::disappointed_relieved::no_mouth:

Please sir one last yes or no