How i can get single value in this tag in tinydb for other screen

plss help me for this block to get singgle value in the tag

Instead of writing a string of text use the dictionary component then everything will be easy.

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You can also manually select the data you want to display from the ListPicker.

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Hello shauki

A number of little things there:
Unless necessary, do not rename TinyDB1 - since you are using it on more than one screen, just using the default name avoids typographical errors
The global variables are not required in your procedure
You only need one value delimiter (one "|")
You should name components more carefully! See:

Now, looking at your code, ignoring those little things, you have achieved passing the two values as one string for another screen to read - but why not store the two separately, each with their own tag?

Can you show us where the values go in your other Screen?


ty sir
for ur solution

get value for key cant to put it
why u can put it sir

You used the wrong dictionary block. There are two alike, you used with "path".

Sory sir i so sleepy

Zcell.aia (47.3 KB)
still eror for my projek can u check my projek sir

You only open the screens, you don't close them. This application is hardly understood. Write in plain language what this application is supposed to do.

I corrected:
Zcell.aia (45.2 KB)

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Zcell_1.aia (47.9 KB)

Sir, I've finished the block
but if I make more than one data on screen 2 why don't they want to be deleted
screen 3 there is no problem if more than one data is created
but thanks for u block so easy for learn

Note number 1. I deleted from the pages 2, 3 i 4 bloki "OpenPage" and I left only "Close". You added "OpenPage". By entering the application, page 1 opens, from the first page you open page 4. But page1 is still open. When opening the next page, the previous one does not close! So you have two sides open. Now from page 4 you go to page 3. You now have 3 pages open. If you want to return to the previous page 4, you do not open page 4, but you have to close page 3 and page 4 will appear automatically. So on pages 2, 3 and 4 from the "BackPressed" block remove the opening of pages and leave only the closing. If you open pages, at some point there will be so many page instances open that the application will start to cause problems.

Case 2. Why do you declare variables, eg Harga and Barang, if you don't use them in blocks :wink: .

Error 3. You get the delete key from LP_MerekB instead of ListPicker1.

I did a little bit:
Zcell_1.aia (47.4 KB)

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sir i dont know where the block eror
in screen 4
i want make value StorageBH X Value StoragePenjualan Save in TotalPenjualan
and i want display in list view
Barang ( that Barang is text) Key StorageBH ; Harga ( that Harga is Text) Value StorageBH ; X (that x is text) ; Value StoragePenjualan ; = (that = is text ) TotalPenjualan
and save to StorageAkhir
how can make it
in screen 4 i done make but eror i dont know about that logic
Zcell_1 (1).aia (50.3 KB)

The getValues block extracts a list of values from the dictionary. A list cannot be multiplied by a list. Having lists of values, you need to loop through extracting values from one list and adding to it the corresponding value of the second list by index.

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But my block in screen 4 corect?

Just adding this For extract value?

I wrote it wrong above. I meant multiplication, not addition. There are errors on screen 5. You are making List x List. Two lists cannot be multiplied.

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so how that value list can be multiplied ?
what i must make sir in the block

Let's say List1 is the list of values from the first dictionary, List2 is the list of values from the second dictionary, List 3 is the new list of multiplied values.
Loop "for each number from: '1' to: 'length List1'". Then "number" will be the index of the list. In the loop blocks do "add item to: 'List3' item: '((select list item: 'List1' index: 'number') x (select list item: 'List2' index: 'number'))'"

make like this?
but how take index