How do you use multiple screens?

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The project l am working has 2 screens and l would like for the project to start with screen 2 which has the home page then proceed to show screen 1 with the directions. The screenshot below shows the contents page of screen2

Also when an item on screen 2 is clicked for example administration , l want it to be able to read the administration.csv and show the buildings in the administration file and proceed to show the possible path on screen 1

The easy way:

  1. copy all content on Screen1 (ctrl c and ctrl v) to Screen3;
  2. Delete all from Screen1
  3. copy all from Screen2 to Screen1.
  4. delete Screen2 if you want

Since Screen1 always starts as first, when the app is launched, what @Kevinkun has suggested is really good because it doesn't need that you reorganize your app. For future developments, please also consider another "typical" solution: the use of virtual screens.
A lot of posts on the matter can be found by doing a quick search on this forum.
In a nutshell: by using Hor and Vert arrangments, where you put all the stuff that you normally would lay in different screens, and making the arrangments visible/hidden you can simulate the change between screens, without the need to take care of variables exchange or various synchronizations (for example the BT comm's ceases when changing between screens).

As an example you can have a look to the annexed .aia.
MultipleScreen.aia (849.0 KB)
Best wishes.

AS @uskiara said don't use screens. Use horizontal and vertical arrangements. Using Multiple screens cause a lot off problem. You can switch between them by turning arrangement visibility on and off.

Thank you

Good day l used your suggestion of working with horizontal and vertical arrangements and its been of great help

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