How do you upload apk app to apkpure?

Hi, can anyone say how to upload a apk app to apk.pure
And is it free???

I used Google


Please tell is it free??
And in there can upload apk/XAPK
My file is. aia. How Can i change aia into apk

Recommended DIY (Do it Your Self)
Please Do some research on Internet Using Google. Usage of MIT is Easy Learn Somethings From Google I Used To Compile 90 - 150 APKs Per Day

Not Recommended Direct Answer
Did You Try DIY
Then Follow This
  1. Open MIT Appinventor
  2. Open Your Project
  3. Editor Will Appear
  4. Click on Build on Top Control Bar
  5. Click on App ( save .apk to my computer )
  6. Then This Will Happen
  7. Then .APK Will Be Saved



Looks like you are new and haven't explored the Appinventor platform, I suggest you to look in the forum for clearence of your doubts and Explore Ai2

Do you read the replies in your topics ?

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At last i am launch my website with direct downloading apps

Hello Farhan

  1. English grammar and spelling mistakes all over the place!
  2. How are you going to guarantee the safety of the APKs that people download from your site? Do you test them before making them available?

so what i want to do please help

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Simply scan apks before uploading them, you can use any site like virustotal


  1. Check The Red Underlines Below Text If Wrong It would Be present If not It would be present
  2. Simple. Scan The APK before uploading them, you can use any site like ''VirusTotal"

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