How do you update your APK file from a remote server?


I'm very new to app inventor but not new to I.T. I'm trying to work out (in a very basic way), if I can load a new version of my apk file from a remote server? The app inventor program needs to be updated on a weekly basis and if the user just has to press "update", that would be great.

As I mentioned, I'm new to app inventor, so please keep it simple if you have an answer.


taken from the extensions directory


Hi, Thank you for your quick reply.

I did actually see your app. but it uses Google Sheets which I do not want to use. I have the file update hosted on my own server, so I would need to be able to define the url for this.

Do you have a version that allows a user to do this or is it restricted to Google Sheets only?


See this

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Thank you.

Question - if you have to download the update before you run it, how do you know the file path to everyone's phone? This is a generic app for people to use and people might have their storage location different on different phones?

Is there anyway that you can run it from the server location and then all I would have to do is update the file on the server.

Sorry for the questions but I'm new to App Inventor.


Please explain this in more detail.