How do you turn on one switch, and turn all other switches off?

Turn on a switch. All other switches are turned off automatically. How to do it.

Be sure to include all switches in the list switches. Hope this helps!

@busybird15 - did you test your blocks, they won't work. Try this instead:


Note: this will only allow one switch to be ON at any time

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another way: no need to make a list, but all switch should be in ONE group.


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Oh, I see now.
Also, after re-reading the question, use @TIMAI2's method for the user interacting with the switch, or to do it via code, use:

can you post a sample aia file?

switch_demo.aia (2.2 KB)

switchesOff.aia (2.4 KB)

SwitchAsRadioButton.aia (2.0 KB)

Thank you all. you are so benevolent

Here is my suggestion


one issue:

make one switch on then off, then you can not make it on again.

Yours works the same way hence I didn't show the whole code

the rest of the code


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There is no problem when pressing the button. But when I close and open the app. The last button I selected is reset. I want it to continue from where it left off when I open the application.
calender_alis_revised (2).aia (16.2 KB)

Using my method:

You need to use a tinydb component and set a tag/value for the switch which is "on"

calender_alis_revised (3).aia (17.0 KB)
I choose the date, I closed the application, I opened the application. date is lost. I want to save the date. I did it by imitation. It didn't happen.

This is confusing, you keep changing from switches to dates. Please keep your questions in the correct topic.

I didn't get help. I did what I wanted. I am so happy. :grinning:

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