How do you store additional details in ListView elements (not in detailText)

I have a listView, where I have added 2 elements for testing

Then I added TinyDB for accessing info on another screen

If that's possible, my question might also be possible.

I want to store a booking number for testing in the ListView, but not in the Detail Text, and then show it to other screen via Tinydb. Is this possible? If yes, how?

You "can" store text to the image socket, try it, it may work for you

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Can you please show me the demo blocks? I am confused.

ListViews are a poor place to store data.

They should be used only for display purposes.

See this FAQ for samples of TinyDB storage ...

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Good example! A question, what if we want to add an image and also more details at same time, what will we do? My app has 2 hardcoded items for checking.


Rename the image to the text you want to provide.....

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