How do you show picture?

hello i want to show a picture every time a label hits hits 20 like 20 show 40 show 60 show 80 show 100 show......

how is download block as an image do it

Have you read the topic? It clearly mentions you have to right-click on the blocks editor and click on 'Download Blocks as Image'.

yeah i can see but i just downloaded the image of my code Im asking of how to show images on my screen every 20 on label i haven't made a code for it yet

Do you mean whenever the label text increments by 20 you want to show a picture?

Then you could do something like this

If you click Button1, it will check if label1.text (the number in the text) is divisible by 20 or not. (this works on every 20)

if it is, then it will show a picture

Otherwise you need timer and adapt the logic above (even though I do not recommend it for phone memory)

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what is this block ?


All information about the block here:

TL;DR it is a block found in the math category which finds out the remainder of division based on the dividend and divisor.

Or you could use remainder block. I used modulo because I hear this term more often.

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