How do you send FCM from mit application?

Hi community coders , I want to ask that how can we send firebase cloud message from one mit app to another ?
I already done with recieved message from FCM
But didn't understand that how can I send it !

Thanks in advance !

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM )

If that is too difficult or not possible with AI2, try ActivityStarter to

might be an alternative Using the Activity Starter .

From the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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I want it by Activity starter , can you guide me step by step ?

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Sorry, no. You have to figure this out. Directions to use your app to send the message you already received to another app on your device are in the AS documentation. That probably is not what you actually want to do. Re-read the Firebase Cloud Messaging documentation.

You probably cannot use AS to provide a notification on someone else's device this way.

What you can do easily is to exchange messages using FirebaseDB to someone who has your app although that is not using FCM. That is, make a chat app.

You might wish to reconsider Taifun's recommendation.