How do you see the database file (TinyDb) of an APP?

How to see the database file (TinyDb) of an APP? What folder are these files in?

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The TinyDB contents are stored in the private app data directory on your Android or iOS device. There isn't a way to view these files, except in the case of rooted Android devices.

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Perhaps we should ask the reason for needing to access the files?

You can return the entire contents of your tinydb to your app, and then save out to a text/csv file if required....

(note each app has its own tinydb - you cannot access the tinydb of another app)


The best way to see data of tinydb is Return data of tinydb in a variable or in airtable.

The reason is that I am entering a data and at the time of retrieving a characther is missing. so I wanted to open the file to see how it was recorded. I will generate Txt file to see. Thanks

May be worth checking your method for saving to tinydb, most likely that is where the error of a missing character is occuring.