How do you save in-app progress?

Is there a way to save progress that is made within the app? For example, a user presses a button, which changes the text of one of the text boxes. Will the text stay that way permanently, even if they close the app and open it later? If not, is there a way to make it do so?

Think of a tag name for what that text box text meant, like 'score'.

Save the score in TinyDB each time it changes, to keep it always up to date.

At Screen.Initialize, load the score from TinyDB, along with whatever else you saved.

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Thanks, this seems to work fine. I did notice a problem though, since the TinyDB is a component on a specific screen, I cannot access it with blocks on other screens. Is there an alternative that would allow me to use the same TinyDB from different screens?

You only get 10 screens, so don't waste them.

If you pull in a TinyDB on another Screen, it will share data with any TinyDB with the same Namespace.

Thank you so much! It does just what I needed.