How do I get metadata from an mp3 file?

Maybe it's too late to ask about what i want to do.
I don't understand why there is not some way to get ID3 TAG fields content about the mp3 file or streaming that I play, like Title, Artist name or Album. Or maybe even the ID3v2 embedded image extension.
It is possible?

Thanks for your contribution but it just doesn't work. In every way I tried to use it, I got a "fatal error" message, both when I tried to compile it into an apk file, and when I used it with the MIT companion app. Both when i used an mp3 stream and when i used a local mp3 file. Just to check I tried also the code without the parts of that expantion and my code ran without errors.
In effect, i need a code that i can use with a mp3 streming, but i think there will more problems in this case.

@rpapi Try this:

Thank you, i had found this fine tool just yesterday and it run very well for local mp3 files but don't run with mp3 stream via http or https protocols. I understand that the way with the this software get information is different if applied with local files instead to mp3 stream and a this point i'm not sure there is something good for me. In any case thank you.