How do you populate a layout using blocks?

I want to try and populate a horizontal scroll layout by using blocks, as you can see in websites like amazon. So for example, if I want to make an app that searches for shoes, given the search query. Now if a user's search result get 10 shoes, then i want to populate a horizontal scroll view with 10 sub-views with the name of the shoe and an image.

Basically, I want to make this component dynamically from blocks:

Can you tell me how to do it?

From the app directly.

I'll have some categories in a database made by me

You will probably want to use one of the dynamic component extensions for this, so that you can create content on the fly.




Thanks a lot for your response. I am making an app for the Appathon, so would it be all right to use this extension?

Thank you!

Leaving it late :wink:

Hopefully @Kevinkun can answer that

Yes you can. this is a free extension.


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