How do you make pop-ups on click?

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I've made an app, in which on clicking a button on a specific screen, will turn a previously invisible label to a visible label. But, it looks pretty boring. Is there any way to make the label appear as a chat bubble on top of the button?

You may well need an extension for this.


or search here:

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There is one more similar extension:

Have you tried the various flavors of Notifiers?

Do you mean literally on the button or above the button?

Try this:

SpeechBubble.aia (9.9 KB)

Sorry, could you elaborate on how Notifiers would work here. Is there a way to change its position, opacity, color, and text color?

@TIMAI2 @vknow360 Thank you for the help.

You could try a toast extension... and search (CTRL+F) for "toast"

problem is, they go away again :wink:

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@TIMAI2 Thanks for the tip, but I've finally got a good idea, for once :rofl:. Thank you so much @ChrisWard for your amazingly simple app; it helped me out a lot.

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