How do you make it possible to work with another component through the component "any"?

How to make it possible through the component "any" to work with another component. For example, I have a "buy" button, and I want the "buyarrangement" action to take place. I have about 30 buttons with the same action.

I understand that each button corresponds to an arrangement? Make a list of arrangements the same way you made a list of buttons. After clicking on any button, download its index from the list and use this index on the list of arrangements.

Is the arrangement to hide and show one or many?

It's best if you paste your aia project here or more explanation of what your buttons and arrangements look like.


With this extension:
[Free] CompCreator - create component dynamically - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

You can get the Children list, Parent component, then sibling component

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