How do you get values of a firebase log on MIT App?

I have created a log on firebase where after every 1 minute a random value between 0-10 is added under the previous one as shown in pic

Now i want to create a button which takes me to a new screen where these values are extracted and displayed. Any help is appreciated .. Thankyou

Doesn't look very random...

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right now i have changed them manually from firebase .. anyway do you know anything about how to extract them?

Did you read through everything I posted above ?

Assuming your ProjectBucket == Real_time


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did the exact same thing.. didnt work :frowning:

:point_up_2: Have you checked that?

Yes that was the issue it worked!! thank you so much .. please i have one final question for you kindly help .. I got all the values from my log with these blocks.. what changes i need to make to ONLY get last 10 values?

As long as you keep using the timestamped values for tags, once the data is returned, select the last ten items from the generated list. Hint: for each number: length of list - 10,length of list,-1

ok thank you