How do you get two indexes from index in list block?

How to get two indexes from index in list block
Suppose this is a lost 7555,5643,7555,5432
Here I have used 7555 two times I want to get indexes of both these two 7555.
Anyone please give me idea how can I do this

you can remove that old item so that the index in list catches the next number

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From this, we know that the list selects the first item among similar items.

So, you can use the following blocks.

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Thank you @Gordon_Lu I will try it

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Updated blocks, please read again.

You need to use the for each number block to iterate over a list with duplicates. The for each item block will return the first instance of a duplicate.


This is a good place to use a value function:
indices.aia (2.1 KB)


P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

See A way to group projects by theme - #10 by ABG
for a demo.


I think ABG's solution is the most efficient.


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