RE: How To Determine Index of Duplicate Items in a List![blocks|606x500](upload://zVbbHdcYNOPArdpOXHe2gK9GUnq.png)
Hello can you help me find the mistake that I'm doing
I tried my best to follow what you showed me but there have been an error occurred

Also I quite don't understand by the meaning of JSON text representation
And what is the actual result would be

Thank you for helping me before
I hope your guidance can help me finish my school project.

A json is like the dictionary. A key with a value.

The key in here represent every character, the value is a list of index

Learn about JSON and dictionaries at


What error occurred?

You might be running with an old Companion version, or on an old emulator that does not support dictionaries.

What version of Companion are you running, and
which emulator?

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I had a little play with this. based upon the topic title (and the other topic running on this one). My effort takes a simple list that contains duplicates, makes a list of lists using the indexes of each item, then returns the set of unique items in the list and a set of duplicate entries (but not the first of each duplicate)


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Please export your project and post it here.

Version 2.55 if i'm not mistaken.

You should update your companion to 2.60 or 2.60u

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