How do you get specific value from responseContent?

Respected Seniors,

I have these blocks

The blocks display following data
I want to get value show in red box
Need this value in variable to display an other textbox

There are total 7 columns in used in TableViewer as

    CASE WHEN closing < 0 THEN 'DR' ELSE 'CR' END AS a


We need to see where data list came from.

Show us it's raw form.

Respected sir,
I want to get -5706 in variable to display in textbox.

This figure may be different in different dates.
But its location always be the in second last cell in last row.


Use length of list to get the index of the last row.

Sir I used this block to determine number of rows

It displays this result

Total rows are 3

Now how to get 6th cell value of 3rd row.


Init a global variable, call it last_row.

When you have your table,
set last_row to select item (length of list(table) of table
set Label.Text to select item 6 of global last_row

Can you please daraw block, I am still confuse.

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Sir there are 3 rows in datalist then your block works fine.
But if there are records are not equal to 3 then your block does not work

Suppose I have this data

Now the codes do not work.

I think we should use length of list, but I do not know how to.


Sir I used these blocks

Now everything is ok.

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