How do you fix error issue of number of assets limitation

Hello everyone

I have my aia application with 332 files [png + jpg] assets file it keep crashing when i try to import it ?

any solution for that even it's size less than 3.0 MB

thank you

You would have to import them from a web server on first run.

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This is probably NOT an issue of number of assets limitation. I have made an app with over 1000 assets. These are html files, not images. Has anyone else has had or does have the error that assets can not be loaded? - #44 by SteveJG .

Have you tried using the code server ( )

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Thank you works perfectly fine better than normal app inventor url

FWIW, it is a timing issue on the Google server (AI2) that causes the problem. On the Amazon server (code) this problem does not occur.

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Btw, same issue with Kodular, but not with Niotron.

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