How do you fill a shape of canvas (on touch**)?

I am making an app in which there will be many circles which will be unfilled, i have to fill a circle with color when user touches it,
i have read this topic : Fill any shape with a color? but not found helpful for me
Kindly help and share any solution.

The code is like this, now i want, when user touches, targeting that circle and filling it.

what about this thead:
Flood Fill Extension. Fill area of an image with a color - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

and this one:
[FREE] Extended Canvas Flood Fill Extension - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

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@Kevinkun how to use this

Code :
results :
all screen filled, if player clicked out of circle, i dont want this functionality, can u help

how this circle come? are they regular circle? you draw it by using 'DrawCircle' block? are these circles overlap ?

@Kevinkun see code, check the for loop, they came from draw circle(unfill) block

You did not answer my questions. do you have only one circle on the canvas?

No, multiple, they are generated through loops in X and Y axis

you need to find out which circle center is the most closest to the point of your touch.then redraw this circle with fill=true.
No need that 2 extensions I mentioned.

How do i find that? any approximation formula or way?

When a new circle is created in your loop, save the circle centre coordinates to a list.

But what need to store the coordinates are:
20, 20 201, 20 202, 20.......
like this, all this are multiples of 20 @TIMAI2

center.x = mod (touch.x-10, 20) +10
center.y = mod (touch.y-10, 20) +10

not tested myself

Not working
code :
image :
See the top left of screen, all circles are going there

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The term for this is
Snap To Grid.

You can't do this without one or more of the math blocks that cut off fractional parts of a number, like
quotient (thanks @Kevinkun )

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@ABG ohh okk , actually i'm new in mit inventor, i was using thunkable from past 4-5 years but shifted to mit because of its features
@Kevinkun thnkss :smile: its working now

@Kevinkun one more thing, can u pls explain the formula, i dont want to exact copy paste, i want to learn from my mistakes

Set the radius to 10 then run the code, that will help to understand.