How do you display total amount googleSheet using gviz?

How to get same DATE and SHOP values of SUM by using gviz then post to Google sheet TOTAL.

You have a choice....either:

  • place an arrayFormula in H1 that calculates the sum for you
  • place a formula in each cell in column H that calculates the formala
  • calculate the total in your app, and upload it in the same way as you upload all the other data
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How can I get G values if A date=23/05 and B shop=AMENO by using gviz.
result coming


but result should be


because "900" is for date 22/05

how to do ?

How are you setting the date ?

Your SELECT should be:

SELECT C WHERE A >= date '2022-05-23' AND B = 'Ameno'

Doesn't seem to like just = on my system

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This is better:

SELECT C WHERE B = 'Ameno' AND A > date '2022-05-22' AND A < date '2022-05-24'

yes it's working thank you very much TIMAI2.
Now I need

How display with current date i mean todays date now() and with value Ameno?


Also I'm trying this but still not working

You need to use the date format I have shown if using gviz

Like this still missing something ;(

You are not listening.....

@TIMAI2 sorry Boss you was rigth I was confused.
Boss I decided to use SELECT G WHERE A CONTAINS '22/05'
result showing exect date and also no need use =< >=



NOW i woluld like to display total Sum (1440+1800)

Here I tried but missing something?

I have broken it down for you so you can see what is going on:


BOSS i did as you explained it's working thank you very much!


and last step
I need to put it on google sheet

I believe you already know how to do this? Use the update function in your google apps script.

TIMAI2 Thank you very much for your help!
Here is my result with your help :grin:


IF date and Shop name existing :+1:

IF TextBox empty :+1:

**> I've one question: HOW TO MAKE IF date and shop name is not matching **
> then I would like to dipslay "Sorry no data exists for this Shopname"