How do you display data from firebase?

hi i make an quiz app. how can i display data from firebase. ignore the email

i still dont know how

your blocks image is not readable... this better?


Here are the basics to return a highscore for a user, assuming your projectBucket is the next level up from the usernames....


If you want to get the high scores for all users then:

i already use when get value for login do i just add at the bottom?

You can set a variable and then use if statements.

variable = login will run your login gotValue

variable = scores will run your scores gotValues

is this way can make me display HighScore+ and HighScore- at the same time

like this

It would probably be better to return all the data in one go as a json, then to filter the json (using dictionary blocks) to return the username, high and low score for each user.

The basics, something like this:


thank you