How do you create a social network?

please help for these

Please help guys

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I see you are a beginner. The purpose of App Inventor is not to let you create another version of TikTok or Twitter in your first 2 hours. I recommend you to learn the basics of App Inventor first.

This is a list by SteveJG.

Learning App Inventor is like learning a foreign language. You can't learn a new language in 10 minutes, same as App Inventor. You can't make a YouTube or Minecraft in 30 minutes without knowing programming concepts in MIT App Inventor. However, the more apps you make, the more app tests you do, the better you are in App Inventor. Also, here are 5 tips to learn MIT App Inventor.


First, you need to tell us what functions your social network will perform.

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You will need to learn how to structure your data base ...


What does creating a social network mean to you? What you want to do might be to create a chat app.

One way might be something similar to the following example: