How do you change an image on the 2nd screen when you tap image from the 1st screen? Is it possible?

Hello, I'm still new to use the app inventor. I want to change the image .. : when I tap Image on the 1st screen, it will change the image on the 2nd screen.


The first question to think about is why you would need multiple screens? Working from a single screen has a lot of benefits and makes coding a lot easier.

See point 1 from the topic below

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🥲I'm making this with my friends and they want to make it like character selection in game. the "game character selection" screen and the "game play screen" are not in one screen..

But they could be. Can you show how the screens would look like? Are you working together on this project and is everyone building a separate screen?

To make data from one screen available to other screens, decide on a good tag for it, store it in TinyDB, and have the other screens look in TinyDB under that tag for what you stored (image file name?)