How do we manage multiple virtual screens without getting confused?

In a total of 7 screens, 6 virtual and one real, I try to place on each screen an application, so that it becomes one with 7 applications, like a multitool.
I have a problem, and that is, every time I go to put another app, I do it up and down, the screens get confused, like now with the last one I put in, it shows up on the home screen and on other virtual ones along with everything I have put another one there.
Is there some rule, some lesson to guide me to be able to put on the virtual screens and the real one, e.g. another app and only appear on the screen where I want it?

if it is better to upload the AIA file...

You can disabled the checkbox "visible" of the completed virtual screens (arrangements) so they don't bother you. Additionally, most of these visual screens will start the app not visible.

  • Set all your virtual screens to not visible to begin with
  • Create a procedure that hides all your screens
  • call the above procedure, then set your desired virtual screen to visible
  • Ensure you rename your virtual screens so that you know which one is which.



Virtual Screens

The Designer lets you drag Arrangements around if they end up in the wrong place

I set them all to invisible but it still happens, I couldn't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I only leave the one I'm working on, but they still appear on other screens

I disable the rest so as not to put data in the wrong place

In the project you shared in the other topic, for example, you can disabled visible checkbox for all arrangements (red dot) except except the one you're working on, for example in the assigned to the screes2.2:

even you could disabled for the horizontal arrangement with buttons, so you haver a very clear work space.

Thank you all for your valuable help.
I will continue tomorrow with a clear mind. Tonight will leave it , (night here in us) .
If another question arises tomorrow, I trust you to ask . Thanks again

I was hoping not to bother you again with the same subject.
I took it from the beginning and step by step I got almost everything right.
Except that when I open the application, it doesn't show me the first screen where I have a calendar, but a blank screen. It shows it after I click first on another menu, then on the one that says calendar to show it.
I can't fix it so that opening the app brings up the first screen not blank but with the calendar.
If I need to upload the AIA...?

Check the Visible textbox of that first screen you want to see or, in the Initialize block, set to Visible=true the arrangement of that screen.

The idea to hide all the arrangement was to let you work better (a clear work place in the screen) but, once finished, stablish to visible those arrangement you want to see again.

(It's not a bother)

I have it visible but the problem remains

maybe you're setting it to visible=false in any block...share your aia if you want and tell me the name of the arrangement.

multitool.aia (190.7 KB)
calenderVER is the VerticalArrangement

Oooooh, you're a treasure.
Thank you very much.
The great thing about this way of creating virtual screens is that the application works very quickly on mobile I think. But it needs a good understanding of how they work

Now another problem appeared, no youtube videos are showing in the tab: Music
Whereas before he displayed them regularly

I found the solution, I just changed the position of the videos in the blocks

In another application I put a simple game as well, but I want when at the end of the game I select the Quit not to close the application, but to change the game to play from the beginning.

What do I have to do to make this happen?


the same than you have shown in those blocks...

Have you got a notifier with two buttons "Replay" and "Quit" and you want both do the same?

not the same, the replay should stay as it is, but the Quit should start a new game,

Then include in the "else" statement whatever that starts the new game....a new game is a different game? because Replay seems to re-start the game....Do you have two different games?