How do I watch a video from youtube inside the app?

I want to watch a video from youtube. The programme I've created sends me outside the app, meananing, I don't watch the video inside the app but an external link is opened, and when I want to return to the app I cannot.
I want to watch the video inside the app or outside but I want to return to the app. How can I do that?
My code:

hi, ive tried your way, but it says video unavailable, watch on youtube. what kind of youtube video i can choose?

What video are you displaying?

For me it also says the video is unavailable, but another random YouTube video I tried works: Doctors Pick Their Favorite Organ - YouTube.

Thanks for the input, how can i know which YouTube video can be embedded?

Here is one reason I found. However, this is not the case since muting the video doesn't work as well. Have you tried the HTML option?

Does the video contain copyrighted music? Apparently, YouTube does not like copyrighted music embedded in apps. Source:

im not sure how to use HTML option in mit inventor. i just started to learn using MIT app inventor. i dont have any other coding or programming background. :upside_down_face:

Watch this video, but use the HTML code in the topic.