How do I upload more than 1 file to server?

Hi In creating an app that have multiple image pickers, but i dont know how to upload all the selected images to my php server. It only works if I use one picker. So please help me.

Set all the image files selected to a list, then upload that list one by one using a procedure and the web component

Im so new in the topic, did you have any example I can use??? Tnks in advance

See this FileByFile method for downloading multiple files. You can reverse the method for uploading multiple files. Ensure that your php returns a "success" to help with the starting of the next upload.

Actually you can't pick multiple files with Image Picker or Activity Starter.

  1. The OP does not say that, they are suggesting using multiple pickers (whether this is necessary as you can only use one at a time, is a moot point)
  2. By saving each picked file to a list, you can then use the list to upload multiple files. (Bearing in mind there is a limit of 10 files for a picked image list, unless you do things differently).

Yes that's right.
But using multiple image pickers is not a reliable solution(a temp file will be generated everytime you do so) and can be often confusing.
Instead there is something which can make it simpler:

(I know there exists a similar extension :sweat_smile: )

ResultUri returned will be a csv list of selected files uris.

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Thank you, will try to work on it.