How do I take data from Excel format (XLSX) but this XLSX is included in App(Apk). So when App is installed, the XLSX is automatically put in the storage phone too?

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My App is an interpolation calculator (offline). This calculator take some data from database (filled) in Excel (xlsx) and calculate it in app window.

I want when someone install my App, it will automatically put the Datase.xlsx in their storage phone.
If it posible?
Please help me and show me how to make this filled database.. and how to make it be one package in Apk..

upload the file into the assets i.e. the Media section of the app and after starting the app copy the file to the shared storage /Download using the file component


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I have not yet seen any way to use files in .xlsx format in AI2.
The usual way this is done for offline use is to export the completed xlsx data in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, and upload that to the Media folder in AI2 for access via a //filename.csv read-only Media file.

If your data changes frequently or is larger that will fit in AI2 Media files, see

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There is extension for . xls, but not for . xlsx

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