How do I remove those three button is made?

hello friends,
i have made an app , in app those three buttons of andorid -tab is visible, how to remove those , it will be great help.

Try to set to false title bar and status bar in screen settings. You are speaking about the three buttons of android UI ?



no, its not happening, my friend

Hide/Show the system UI - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

the tools extension offers methods to hide/show the system user interface



I did , but its not working my friend

how do i get full screen view without those - three utton visible - please help me send me link

You forgot to show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks
Also there is an example project in the download section of the extension website
Also which device and Android version are you using for your tests?


You do not show your relevant blocks, or indicate that you have tried the test aia project .....