How do I make running text like news feed in mit app from excel sheet?

i just want to make a running text from left to right like a news feed in mit app
how can i do pls help me with the block diagram

You have an example here:

how can i shift text from right to left in mit app

No need to start a new topic on the same subject!

What was the problem with the solution provided above?

Another way is to use the webviewer and some html/css that runs a marquee.

Use the text segment block to grab the part of the text extending from position 2 to the end of the text.

Set the text to that fragment.

If the text gets too short, do a text JOIN to bring in more text.

Show us your blocks code, so that others may learn from your success.

sure i will upload it later becoz i am working on foreground service too when i will make it completely after testing i will upload its aia file in community.