How do I make an Expense Tracker app?

I want to create an expense tracker app. In this app, would like to store three kinds of data which are, date, item name, and cost in tinydb, and I would like to show data in colintree listview. Total item and Total cost will be displayed on two other labels. I am trying but failed.
I do not know what's the problem.
Please help
thanks in advance

Perhaps this community example will help Expenses Tracker App

Some Different maybe

Try this:

expenseTracker.aia (4.3 KB)

I used the listview, and did not format the contents of each expense item, but should give you an idea of what to do.


Thanks, @TIMAI2.

when I delete data from listview then showed error massage.

Please show your relevant blocks - how are you deleting an item?

When ever you make a change you need to update the lists and the tinydb

Sorry, wasn't paying attention :wink:

When you delete an item from Expenses, you will need to delete the corresponding values (cost & 1) from totalCost and totalItems respectively. (you could be doing this...if Textbox2.Text equals the cost of the Expenses item from the selectionIndex)

Textbox2.Text will need a value of at least 0, it cannot be empty.

I can not solve it. plz help

Total cost value not deducted when listview data deleted

expenseTracker (1).aia (6.2 KB)

Try this

expenseTracker_2.aia (6.2 KB)

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Thanks @dora_paz

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Try this

expenseTracker_revised_with_Delete.aia (5.6 KB)

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Also Thanks @TIMAI2

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