Expenses Tracker App

Can someone help me? I tried using the Expenses Tracker app from aatiyah (github website) and the history page won’t work

can you share the link with us

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Here it is^^^ hope you could help huhuhu. This will be my basis for my project

Thank you!

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When I try it on my companion, it kept on showing “Error; File cannot be found”. (For the history page)

Android version of your phone?

Yeah my phone is android. The whole app works except for the history page.

I think it has something to do with the table.html

Okay, i got it

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we need to know what version of your android, because I see in the history page there is a file called from android_asset

I use Samsung S9+, with latest version of android

Okay so the problem is in your Android version, your Android version is 10 so on Android 10 the way to call data from Android assets has been changed and I'll figure out how to call it.

P.S: I have tried the app on the Android version Oreo and the history page works perfectly

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Ohhh okay. Will wait for your response regarding my phone’s version hehe

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Okay I got the solution, so this is the way to call data from asset for devices >= Android 10

So you have to change this on screen history :

And don't forget to change <packageName> with your project Package Name
Example Package Name:

  1. edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3
  2. edu.mit.appinventor.mycalculatorapp
  3. edu.mit.appinventor.cameraapp

Just use:


for development and compiled

Is package name the same as app name?

no its not same, please wait i will give you an example

Example1, my gmail : salman21@gmail.com
So MIT AI2 will generate my app package name like this:

Example2, my gmail : zayn@gmail.com
So MIT AI2 will generate my app package name like this:

Example3, my gmail : therock@gmail.com
So MIT AI2 will generate my app package name like this:

Ohh okay. Thank you so much! Will try it now and let you know if it works

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There is no need to use this path!

As Tim has already pointed out, this is better:

This works with the Companion and as an APK


Okay! Will try that as well :smiley:

Oh okay i got it sir :+1: