How do I make an app that seperate specific words from the input text in table?

i want to make an app that seperate specific words from the input text in table.. plzz help me how to do that

And also, you could use the split block to separate words.

Can't find relevant that's why i am asking here so that experts can help me to make this app. As i know split does not fulfilled my requirement that's why i am asking here.


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You should know that the more information you give it would help you better, what did you try? or better, give an example of what should be done...

So what is your requirement? Make sure to tell us what you want properly.

Basically i am trying to making an app that takes input text from user and from that text segregate/seperate/ extract specific words whatever we set in the code. e.g. happy,sad,high and low these words should seperate whenever user provide any text or paragraph or sentence app should extract matching words from them and show on the table in the form of row and column.... Plz help.
Want more clarity then I'll

give 2 or more examples of input and output.

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Already given.examples.... I just need to start the learning.. plz .. forget about output.. just help me to seperate out matching words jn the paragraph and seperate out it and show on the screen except paragraph

Sorry I don't have any block to show you and where to start

Are you asking how to compose text from canned phrases?

No no i am simply entered some words like today i am very happy.. so in app list contains " today, i, happy" words are defined as list.. so whenever user enter any words and matching those words.. app should match with it and seperate it and display

Whit split block you can convert the input text into a list of words (separated by spaces):

Then you can have the predefined list of words in your app and go through the input list to check if each word is in the predefined list. Some useful blocks:

Try to do it and back if you have any issue.

Ohh thousand thankyou @ramon that is somewhat i am looking for to start.. thank you very much for quick response.. I'll try it and revert you if any issues occurs..
One more thing.. I want to ask that in for loop how to separate and display on screen? Can you help me to complete the block for mentioned example ? It'll great help

You can separate the word using the split block. Then that loop block will take each element (each separated word) from the list and then you can check if it is in the predefined list. If yes, the you can set it to the component you want to use to display it (perhaps a label to start).

Means where to use split block and other stuff and how to check condition..?
Can you make block for me?

@ABG i need solution and learn .. simply want to start using this app.. great help to contribute in this

@Ramon see post #22 by @Pulkit_Sabharwal
I have similar problem.. can you plz elaborate and give solution.. i have tried many times but result is still pending


Can you share with us what you have done so far and what problems you have encountered?