How do i make a password limited to 7 characters?

So I make a Diary app and I want to people forcing to make 7 characters long. How I'm gonna do that?

Use the text length block

Read the free online book.

How? Can you send a screenshot with example?

Max 7 chars or = 7 chars ?

You can use the AfterTextChanged event of this @Taifun extension

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Can you send me screenshot with example so I can easly know how this extension works?

Just 7 characters

Read the documentation on the extension page ?

I did, and there is nothing instruction about characters password lenght




I still don't understand how extension works

if length > 7 then remove last character, and alert user that password can only be 7 characters

Try the example projects for better understanding and follow the tips, especially tip 2


Well I can't find remove last character in the extension and I can't put length block into if

I've tried to play around but mostly blocks can't put in the extension

This is how I made it far

The ltext ength of 7 is always 1, because 7 has 1 digit...
Let me suggest you to check the length otf the password textbook instead


Like this?
Screenshot from 2023-08-04 13-40-44


Like this?