How do I make a list show up on ListView?

(School Project Help)
This is the code I have so far. I have no prior experience to MIT app inventor or anything like it. I've used chatgpt for help as my teacher has suggested. I am making a "Homework Planner" app and would like to know how to make it show up on the ListView component or if there is any flaw in my code as I'm extremely inexperienced. Thank you.

Here is the design for the app.

can you show me all of your codes?

or that's all?

I also have this:

for the variables and whatnot

first set homework_list to empty list and other variables empty text

like this?

no. I mean global variables


I may look incredibly dumb now, it's 3am and I haven't slept in ages. Is this right?

alright. ig it is right. yippee. what next?

yes! next step> pick TinyDB from storage (If you want to save it when you were away)

eh... storage? Can you explain like you would to a child? I'm extremely slow.


k. picked it and pulled it to the interface. is it supposed to not show anything?

it's a non visible component

ah alright. so now what?

to save