How do I make a list show up on ListView?


now you can see your homework and save it but we want to upload it,, let me take a screenshot

Thank you so much for your help so far. If I haven't annoyed you yet, there's something else I may need you to help me with. Is there a way to remove/delete items from the list?

and this

notice: you can replace any tag with (any tag) and write same tag on upload

what would "your chosen tag" represent? Do I just type that orrrr?


I'll test it and get right back to you.

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tested? solved?

just checking on my phone. sec

ok, also close and open the app to see your data saved or no

when I close then open the mobile app, the list is cleared. Is that what's supposed to happen?

can you send me again your full blocks?


now the blocks are ready

test it

perfect. tysfm, this helped alot.