How do I make a Chatbot?

Hi, I need to make a chatbot that talks to you. It will ask you how your day has been and can give you advise. Does anyone have the blocks for a program like that or that is similar. I have tried the therapist bot tutorial but it I need a program that will recognize certain words and reply accordingly. Thanks

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Did you search the community for help?

The community has been asked for a similar topic. Try searching the community. Here is a link to see


This is the final outcome of a chat bot, for your reference

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Thanks, does anyone know how to make the code recognise certain words not just whole phrases?

The same way you will make it check for phrases :wink:. Just change the phrase to the certain words

Thanks for your help.

You can just change the textboxes with 'text to speech' and 'speech recognizer'

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Hello to me, the application is not working ... I have only replaced the words in Spanish without having changed any block or having modified anything other than "TEXT" and it still does not work for me ...
the other example of chat bot ... where you can customize the commands and where it takes the direct command by voice, I have given myself Note that speech takes what one says with lowercase letters and if it is not written like that in the inventor app block it will not recognize it. but if that other application works since it takes the command dictated by voice and gives the answer. But no this application did not respond any of the given commands

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