How do i make a Chart from a CSV file?

I'm new into making a chart. I decided to learn about it but still have no clue about making any chart.
I want to make a chart from the image below

Hmmm, this would be a messy line chart or bar graph, you have 8 different parameters all with different scales, and you have to handle the date and time. It might be better displayed in a table ?

What type of chart (or charts) do you want to make?

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Make several separate charts for each weather parameter.

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You can use the AI2 chart component for this.

Your x axis should be in minutes from the first reading.

You need a separate chart data component for each column of your CSV.

Show the base date time in a separate label .

Post your CSV file.

P.S. The Clock component has the time format conversion blocks you need.

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actually, i just need to draw 1 or 2 parameter, not them all

AWS-111111[1].csv (394 Bytes)
here you go

Which parameters?

Wind speed and wind direction (i want to make a line chart)

OK, wind speed will be in knots (?) ranging from 0 - 100(!), wind direction will be in degrees or a compass point. How do you envisage displaying both of these in a chart (what do you want the chart to look like ?) ?

Here is a sample showing off the new DataFile component in relation to the ChartData and Chart components.

Aside from 'knowing' that the date and time entries are in columns 1 and 2, this app works entirely off the csv file's headings.
AWS-111111[1].csv (394 Bytes)

multi_chart.aia (3.2 KB)

multi_chart.aia (3.2 KB)

This sample should also help any one faced with the problem of using date times as their x axis.


(added to FAQ)

May be something like this??

two line in 1 chart
i think?

thank you!

yes, but how?

I have used the same @Taifun demo aia..

ChartMakerPlusDemoV1.aia (45.7 KB)

Plss see only the line chart block

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Add extra ChartData components for more lines.

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