How do I link an index of one list to its corresponding index of another list? Please help! :0

Hello! I want to create an app where a user can choose a charity cause (global category) they are interested in a list and have a set of organizations and links be provided according to their choice in a label. For example, if one chose "Animals" they would be provided with "Best Friends Animal Society" and the link.
I figured the way to do this was to match the indexes of the items of global category to global organization and global link. How do I do this? plz help sob:

For example:


Thank you so so much!

One more question :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: , how would I go about adding the rest of the elements? Would I create that block every time in the "SelectListPicker" After Picking?

You could do it like this


(there are many other ways to achieve the same thing)

My goodness this has helped me immensely! Thank you!

You need to learn about tables (lists of lists).

This is a two table problem, when an organization can count for two or more categories, like Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children.

Name-Category table:
"Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children", "Health & Disease"
"Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children", "Homelessness"
"Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children", "Disabilities"
"Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children", "Children & Youth"
"Feed the Whales","Animals"
"Feed the Whales","Environment"

Name-Link Table
"Hospital for Homeless Disabled Hungry Children", ""
"Feed the Whales",""

P.S. I forgot the third table, a list of Categories:
"Health & Disease"
"Children & Youth"

The third list is needed to act as .Elements of a List Picker for filtering or new charity addition. It also allows for the possibility of setting up categories before charity names are available.

For filtering procedures, see

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Thank you!!!

When a user clicks Selection Picker, I want the added to "global additional causes" to appear in the Results List Picker. But only in the index that I choose from Selection List Picker. How do I do this? Thanks for any help!

If you are concerned about cascading then you can, you can adapt accordingly.

Hello! I don't really understand these blocks, do you mind explaining? Thank you!

Nested listpickers....

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You have not separated the processes of adding new charities and their categories from the process of looking up charities.

I also do not see you using the List Picker .Selection value, which is the straightforward way to get what was selected.



I tried to replicate the code in the link but how would I attach the ¨list detail¨(global additional)? I can´t connect ¨additional global because it is an empty list. I want the user to input a charity themselves. Thanks for the help!

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