How do I hide navigation bar only?


I am trying to hide the navigation bar using Taifun tools extension but when I use the HideSystemUI block, it hides the Status Bar too.


Bear in mind that there are still plenty of devices out there that have physical/hard buttons....

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I know but I can use this extension to check if it does contains a phisycal button.

What do you mean by "hard" button?

And btw the app is for personal use so the devices I am sharing the app with does not have a physical button.

as opposed to "soft" :wink:

I know :rofl:
But when you say hard you're talking about physical buttons, right?

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Hello @TTG_Studioz,

Using com.sunny.SystemUI.aix is can be a good idea.

The only problem I`m facing is a horizontal white bar below my app which is making the area of my android application unusable

Do you have any more solution?


Please do not post a direct download link to an extension!


Yeah, I did and it worked.
Many thanks.