How do I get the license to post my project in Google Play Console?

What is the correct way to get the license to post my project in Google Play Consol. because Tim ask me to credit these developers for four extension.

There are four extensions, and credits must go to the extension developers:
@Kevinkun for the DCLite/CompCreator extension (pre-release at time of writing, this version handles properties)
@Anke for the MyFonts extension
@vknow360 for the ScrollHandler extension
@Ken for the ComponentClick extension

My thanks to all the above, what has been created here would not have been possible otherwise :+1:

Please I need someone answer my question.

No licence needed from me.

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Create an About App Screen and mention the developer's you wish to give credit there or use a notifier or in About Screen or .... It is up to you

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4 anni fa ho pagato circa 15$ una tantum; per poter iniziare a pubblicare le mie app sul Play Store..e quindi dopo aver effettuato la registrazione; l'accesso alla Play Console è già compreso nella licenza che abbiamo acquistato.

Sorry but i don't understand you

Perhaps something like this:

I acknowledge extension developers:\n
@Kevinkun for the DCLite/CompCreator \n
@Anke for the MyFonts\n
@vknow360 for the ScrollHandler \n
@Ken for the ComponentClick

Set Theme to Device Default in the Designer for this to work.

There are many ways you can credit other developers work. :slight_smile: See dora's comments above.


Now I understood.
Thank you all for answering my question.

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4 years ago I paid about $ 15 one-time fee; to be able to start publishing my apps on the Play Store..and then after registering; access to the Play Console is already included in the license we purchased.

$ 25

This has nothing to do with the topic.

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@Anke hai perfettamente ragione, non avevo capito bene la domanda.

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