How do I get live wallpaper and show it as background in app?

How do I get a live wallpaper and show it in the background of my app? I want to develop a desk clock app that shows the live wallpaper.

You can use the clock component for a simple animation. Create multiple frames of animation and loop through background images with the clock.

I mean to get the current live wallpaper on the device. Example: Phase Beam wallpaper.

Does the application change the tapete on the device's desktop?

It is a desk clock designed to look like the Froyo clock app. It shows the wallpaper.

This app is called alarm clock plus. It is a fork of the Stock 2.2 Froyo Clock

Do you want to have the same wallpaper in your application as on your device? There is a way to make your application transparent. Then the wallpaper will be visible and you can display whatever you want on it.

Well it is the other way around. I want the app to get the current live wallpaper, then it shows in the background. If I make it transparent, anything under the application will be shown.

Have you checked WallpaperManager class of android?