How do I get database firebase show listview on mit app inventor of user's?



Screen Add data to firebase of user .


Screen listviews show data from firebase table machines/.
i need data show on listview.

Screen listviews show data from firebase table machines/.

What are your firebase rules? Read all, write to own?

This is firebase rules.

Are you happy with those rules....

and what does your "responseContent" look like ? (put it into a label)

Line 4 error.

Now rules can use.

" responesContent " not show Data but show not found

and this is Screen listmachine.
What i should change?

Please show your responseContent...


Hi @Pe_Pasaet
What about using FirebaseDB component?


You mean this?

what is component ?, i don't understand.

when i do this.

show like this

OK you are close, but probably easier to use dictionaries to access the data within your JSON

here is an example:

data (just two records)





Try setting up your Web1.Text event block as above, with your data and see how it goes

Thank you for your help . :pray:t2: :smiley:

excuse me again
One more thing. i need Database of users show on listview.
But this Screen login by another firebase project for admin
because admin wanna to see all users of database