How do I get contact list in App Inventor

With contact picker component, I want to display contacts using query (such as return only them which name starts with ''P'' or "Peb".... or as I like). Is it possible in MIT APP INVENTOR? Please help.

You can not. Maybe using an extension might help to gel all conatcts in a list and create a custom search bar

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Thank you very much. But is it possible to set query for return contacts in your extensions?

This is not my extension

What do you mean

Do not forgot to ask this permission android.permission.READ_CONTACTS

Sorry to say "Your extension". I want to show only them which name starts with ''P'' or "Peb".... or as I like). Not all contacts. Thanks again.

No that's not possible with this extension

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I can't able to open this site

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It will show privacy error click advanced and then continue

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Try this (build the APK, because Companion has no READ_CONTACTS permission declared in the Manifest)

Note: I added this permission to the Manifest of the Companion APK to show this with Companion:


@Anke can you share modified companions apk if possible

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I'll remove this again - soon. (EDIT: GDrive link removed)
Note: You need to uninstall Companion beforehand (because I used a different keystore).
Companion version with READ_CONTACTS permission added.

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Thank you very much. The blocks work fine but it returns only names from contacts but phone numbers not shown. What can I do now? Please reply.

what about using the numberList from the GotContactList event?

I don't know how to use accurately the numberList from the GotContactList event. I did it but it returns numbers from top of the contacts not match with name. So Blocks Please.

what about reading the complete thread of the extension to not find only the documentation, but also a few examples how to use the extension?

It Will Return Two lists of name and number with its same index.

EDIT: it seems to be, the lists are not in sync, see also
unfortunately only the developer of the extension is able to fix that, you might want to send him a PM in the Kodular community...


Many thanks. Its done using this block.


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