How do I get ASCII code from letter?

is there a function or a tool to get the ASCII code of a Letter?


Please search the forum before asking questions that have been answered before. Thanks.

Use this guide using JavaScript to get the Ascii code:

Or you can also use this:

Kumaraswamy shows how to find the ASCII code of a character using the WebViewer

in Helpful things you need to know

Find the section Get the ASCII code (Decimal base) of the character of his Guide.

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I did. But I get always answers who have no relation with my question. This time nothing

after doing a search for ascii like this Search results for 'ascii' - MIT App Inventor Community I get several threads and the third thresd is


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

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See if my extension gives you what you need. It does return an ascii number in hex, but you can use a math block to get dec. I can also slightly modify the extension to match the expectations.

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Hi Taifun,
thanks for the note, I just found it too. I dont know why I didn't notice it.

Thank you Patryk,
That helps.

If you want to do it yourself, here is a csv table

ascii_table.csv (6.0 KB)

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you can use the following extension:
ConversionAsciiTexte.aix (9.3 KB)

here is some documentation